About me

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

Instead of writing some long drawn out paragraph sharing the intricacies of my life and trying to get you to like me in a span of about 3 minutes (since we all know you wouldn’t read the whole thing anyway), I’m going to use bullet points. Everybody likes bullet points!


  • First, I am a daughter. I’ve been adopted into the family of Heaven with God as my Father. This is the foundation of who I am.
  • I am a wife to my husband, Eric. 
  • I am a mother to my 2 year old daughter, Elsie.

The Basics:

  • I am 25 years young, but my memory is 80. Mom brain is a real thing everybody.
  • I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I love everything about it. I’m not cut out for the 9-5 office thing. But I’ll do the 24/7 mom thing since I can pretty much eat whenever I want.
  • I’m from the flattest place on earth, Kansas. Yes, I’ve seen a tornado. I’m fluent in “ope”. KU > KState. Our sunsets are better than anywhere else. 
  • I love THE church, and I love my church! I volunteer as staff at our Wednesday night youth group, and I am apart of the worship team on Sundays. If you don’t have a “home” church, find one, get rooted, and start serving! Everything we do is for the Kingdom of God.


  • I’m passionate about natural living and clean eating, but I’m also not a crazy person about it. I’m gonna eat that Oreo. 
  • I always told myself that I would never in my life be that girl that has a blog, but here I am.
  • I’m one of those crunchy hippie moms that uses essential oils (yes, they actually work, don’t @ me).
  • I’ve recently started getting into writing poetry. I’ve never been good at verbally expressing my heart, but give me a pen and paper and it all just starts to flow.
  • I’m a lover of memes. The danker the better. (If you don’t meme, you won’t understand.)


  • Song: “Be Still” by Steffany Gretzinger. I have many “favorites”, but I always come back to this one.
  • Movie: Aladdin. Disney got it right with this one.
  • Food: Our homemade Paleo buffalo wings. They’re annointed.
  • Activity: Literally anything outside. I spend my winters in mourning waiting for the temperature to be something other than cold.
  • Drink: White Tea. Quality tea changes a person.